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About Harmony Chiropractic Center

Over the years, some have asked why I did not choose to call the practice Royer Chiropractic Care Center. Why did you call it HARMONY Chiropractic Center? Wouldn’t Royer Chiropractic or something similar have worked? I could have gone with something to show that we are a chiropractic care center in Toledo or Sylvania by picking something having to do with rockets or glass. Well, those kind of tricks it probably would work but that is not what I want to convey about the approach that I take to helping people heal.

The idea is that in living our lives, we do things and experience things that throw us off balance in one way or another. Our bodies and brains are in a way, their own symphony. No one would want to hear a symphony where the woodwinds were playing too fast, the drums were too loud and the strings were too soft.

When muscles become unbalanced or if the joints in your spine are restricted in motion, you can develop pain. If those muscles are allowed to work unbalanced due to bad posture or even weakness, things like carpal tunnel and rotator cuff problems can result. Sometimes when someone has suffered a head injury, behavioral and pain syndromes can develop because their brain is not working the way it should.


Our goal at Harmony Chiropractic Center, Inc. is to help return people to health. Ideally, optimum health. To create balance in their bodies and brains. To create harmony in their lives by getting them out of pain and allowing them to do the things they enjoy again.

We want to help bring your health back into Harmony.

So if you are are looking for a quality Chiropractor who services the residents of Toledo and Sylvania, OH…    

Call our top-rated staff at (419) 517-5055 today!

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