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Bodyweight Workout Routines

by | February 17, 2021

Below are templates for exercise routines that can be done with the body weight exercises previously discussed. These templates are guides for basic health goals through an exercise routine in order to help individuals reach goals or general exercise recommendations. These templates are generic and the exercises in them can be modified for each individual depending on fitness level, experience, interests, and availability of equipment. These templates are not geared toward advanced results. For advanced results, seek help from an exercise professional or personal trainer.

On days that resistance training is not done think about complimenting your routine with low/moderate intensity exercise related activities such as cleaning the house, walking the dog, playing with your children, jogging, or anything that gets you moving for at least an hour total during the day. Schedule one day of rest from your exercise routine if you wish, but try to stretch and move in some capacity that day. 


– Hydrate well (3.7L for men, 2.7L for women) daily

– Supplement with aerobic exercise, and stretching

– Evaluate diet to help reach exercise goal

– Schedule times in your calendar for exercise to avoid missing days

– Increase repetitions and time to progress strength/endurance

– Incorporate Upper Body, Lower Body, and Abdominal exercises in daily/weekly sessions

Bodyweight Workout Routine 1 (Beginner)

2-4 times a week. At least 20 minutes per session


-Repetition Exercises- 8-20 repetitions

-Timed exercises- 30-60 seconds

-30-60 seconds rest in between exercises

– Repeat exercises in order for duration of exercise bout.

Day “A”- Body weight squat (20) Reverse Lunges (10ea) Jumping Jacks (20) Cossack squat (8ea) Plank (30-60seconds) Squat Jumps (10)

Day “B”– Push-up variation (10-20) High Knees (30sec) Burpees (15) Side Plank (30sec per side) Crunches (20) Forearm Plank (30-60sec)

Bodyweight Workout Routine 2 (Intermediate)

-Repetition Exercises- 10-30 repetitions

-Timed exercises- 30-60 seconds

-30-60 seconds rest in between exercises

-Pick an exercise from each category (pick multiple depending on time/desire). Pick repetitions or time. Repeat for duration of exercise bout.

– On day 5 you can combine Day “A” and “B” to switch things up or add additional exercises to your routine.

Day “B”– High Knees (30sec) Hands elevated push-up (10) normal push-up (10) Russian Twists (20 each side) Plank Jacks (20) Lateral Plank Walk (15 each way) Burpees (30sec)

Day “A”– Jumping Jacks (30) Potty Squat (20) Lunges (10ea) Jumping Lunges (30sec) Planks (45-60sec) Mountain Climbers (30sec) Side Lunge or Cossack squat(10ea) Burpees (30sec)

Bodyweight Workout Routine 3 (Advanced)

4-5 times per week. At least 30 minutes per session

-Repetition Exercises- 10-30 repetitions

-Timed exercises- 30-90 seconds
-30-60 seconds rest in between exercises

-Pick an exercise from each category (pick multiple depending on time/desire). Pick repetitions or time. Repeat for duration of exercise bout.

A- Upper body B- Lower body C-Core Training

  • Day 1– A-B-C-A
  • Day 2– A-B-C-B
  • Day 3– A-B-C-A
  • Day 4– A-B-C-B

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