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Kinesio Taping + Bruising

Kinesio Taping can help remove swelling and pain associated with bruising by increasing circulation and removing congestion in the area. Above are pictures of the right thigh of a patient after she had fallen on the ice and slammed her thigh into a post that was sticking out of the ground. She came in to see Dr. Royer three days after her fall and a lymphatic correction technique was applied to increase lymph drainage at and around the bruise.

The picture on the left is four days after initially applying the Kinesio Tape and only seven days after the fall. You can see the tape was applied in several small strips that were fanned out over the bruise and that the center of the bruise is already clearing up. The tape was reapplied that day and once more three days later. The picture on the right is a total of fourteen days after the fall.

If that is not proof that Kinesio Tape increases circulation, then I don’t know what would be.

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