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Harmony Chiropractic Center Opens in HMH Wellness Center

by | July 10, 2007

Kendra Royer’s godmother, Barbara Mann, learned of Deb Keller’s desire to incorporate a chiropractic physician in her cadre of services offered at HMH Wellness Center, 6620 West Central Ave. She immediately passed the word to her goddaughter whose husband, Dr. Bryan Royer, is a chiropractic physician. In a short time, Ms. Keller, a massage therapist who founded HMH Wellness, a massage therapy center and day spa several years ago and Dr. Royer found their basic philosophies meshed and came to an agreement. As of mid-June, Dr. Royer became part of the HMH Wellness team, opening Harmony Chiropractic Center in the Central Avenue facility.

“My focus is to help patients attain an optimum level of health instead of only treat­ing the sick or injured,” Dr. Royer pointed out. “I offer chiropractic manipulation, ther­apeutic exercises, nutritional counseling, advanced allergy testing and foot orthotics,” he said. “I also provide instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization as well as using other proven techniques such as a skin tape, which changes the function of muscles and helps with lymphatic drainage,” he said.

“For those who need assistance in regain­ing their health and getting relief from pain, chiropractic care and massage therapy are two conservative but effective methods of relieving pain,” he offered. “That is why it is ideal for my practice to be housed in the same building with massage therapy and other healing and relaxing procedures.” Since chi­ropractic school, Dr. Royer has expressed his interest in “the wellness of the whole individual, not just being a back doctor.” ‘While he focuses on musculoskeletal problems in his practice, he also looks to help people with nutritional deficits and allergy problems. “I also take pride in helping pregnant women feel healthy and pain free through­out their pregnancy.”

“I am really excited because we will be able to help people to achieve a wellness manage­ment plan to a healthy, happy and balanced body from a physical, mental and emotional standpoint. Adding chiroprac­tic and massage therapy to a health care regime can achieve optimal health and prevent future health concerns,” Ms. Keller said.

Dr. Royer graduated from the National University of Health Sciences after obtaining his undergraduate degree from the University of Dayton. He successfully completed a post graduate program in functional neurology, a clinical field that can help improve the quality of life for those patients with movement disorders, traumatic brain injuries, vertigo and dizziness among other problems. He has also taken extensive post-graduate classes in clinical nutrition and impairment ratings for disability evaluation.

Ms. Keller, a licensed massage therapist, is certified in prenatal massage and is nationally certified in therapeutic massage and body work. She has had extensive training in prenatal massage, fertility massage, postpartum massage, myofascial release, La Stone therapy, Thai massage, corporate chair massage and spa treatment. She is joined by several other licensed massage therapists whose specialties include hot stone massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and aromatherapy. A licensed esthetician and a licensed nail tech complete the staff at HMH Wellness Center.

Published in Sylvania AdVantage on July 9, 2007

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